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Through 2022 We Managed to Deepen Relationship With Existing Customers


Before 2022 ends, we at Enterprise IT World MEA wanted to check the status of technology providers in the region and their customer engagements. Following is the excerpt from Riverbed

“As for Riverbed Acceleration, the company will continue to enhance and add new capabilities to the products and solutions within that portfolio.”

Mena Migally, Regional Vice President, Emerging at Riverbed

As a company – how has Riverbed performed in 2022 in the MEA region?

2022 was a very strong year for Riverbed, owing to our ability to empower our customers to actualize milestones in their digital transformation journey by providing them deep and multifaceted levels of observability to enhance proactively their services and respond to critical changes and incidents, ensuring a seamless digital experience to all their internal and external users.

What are the major technology opportunities you have participated while solving challenges in the market?

In aiming to uncover the greatest technology challenges our customers face, a recent survey commissioned by Riverbed and undertaken by IDC found that75% of business decision-makers say their organisation struggles to glean actionable insights from data that is generated by their technology infrastructure. Observability is meant to solve this problem, but current solutions fall short.

To address this industry challenge, Riverbed has invested and focused its R&D efforts to develop technology and a unique approach to unified observability that is comprehensive, unified and easy to operate. The subsequent launch of Alluvio has enabled us to solve some of our customers’ most pressing technology challenges and become a frontrunner in the rapidly emerging observability market which industry and financial analysts estimate will be a $19 billion market by 2024.

Which industries have adopted your technologies the most?

The META region has been a major growth market for Riverbed, where we have established ourselves as a key technology partner to leading enterprises particularly in the banking, energy, oil & gas, and public sectors.

How many net new customers have you added this year? Who are the major names?

Through 2022 we managed to deepen relationship with existing customers while also adding a number of new logos to our customer portfolio. These include Shelf Drilling, an offshore drilling company providing shallow water services to the oil and gas industry, and Ghabbour Auto, a leading automotive company in the Middle East and a non-bank financial services (NBFS) provider in Egypt.

What are other milestones have you achieved last year?

Other notable milestones for Riverbed through 2022 were:

  • Being recognised as the winner of the 2022 Microsoft Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Partner of the Year Award.
  • The launch of Alluvio IQ, a secure, highly available and scalable SaaS platform for cloud-native observability services.
  • The signing of a strategic agreement with Moro Hub who now leverage our industry-leading unified observability and acceleration solutions to help businesses enhance connectivity, reduce operational costs and improve the performance of the network, as well as to ease customers’ transition to the cloud.
  • Hosting our largest to date participation at GITEX where in addition to having our own prominent stand on the concourse, we had a presence at the stands of each of our three regional distributors – Starlink, Mindware and Crestan – as well as a kiosk at the stand of our valued partner, Microsoft.

What is your road map for 2023?

On the 13 September, Riverbed announced its first unified observability service, Alluvio IQ. Alluvio IQ solves the challenges of siloed IT monitoring tools which flood network teams with massive volumes of data and alerts on single metrics or interfaces that fail to provide context or actionable insights that IT needs to resolve performance problems quickly. Future innovation will provide visibility into hybrid work use cases and predictive analysis to identify trends. Riverbed will also focus on user sentiment, “did you know” experience insights, and desktop remediations. As for Riverbed Acceleration, the company will continue to enhance and add new capabilities to the products and solutions within that portfolio.

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