About Us

Enterprise IT World MEA

Enterprise IT World MEA is a leading publication of Accent Info Media, a leading tech media house in MEA. The objective of the company is to support the industry across world and empower by collating right and updated tech information and trends.

Enterprise IT World MEA focusses on technologies that influences the growth of the enterprises and feature in the agenda of consideration by CXOs. Some of the technologies which feature Enterprise IT World MEA editorial output include Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Data Centre, Enterprise Security, Surveillance, Enterprise Applications, Collaboration, Mobility, RPA, IOT, AI, Analytics, Blockchain, etc.

The magazine emphasizes on bringing in more and more successful case studies, use cases and best practices adopted in various geographies.

Besides print and events, the publication carries a strong website www.enterpriseitworldmea.com/ which gets refreshed every day with new news and analysis. The website is visited by millions of viewers across the globe.