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Launch of Cloud Security Management Solutions in Q1 was the Major Game Changer

John Hathaway, Regional Vice President, iMEA at BeyondTrust
John Hathaway, Regional Vice President, iMEA at BeyondTrust

In our review of 2022 market performance, John Hathaway, Regional Vice President, iMEA at BeyondTrust speaks about how some of the strategic moves by the organisation have changed the growth path of BeyondTrust

“50% of our 2022 revenue is coming from new logos, across all verticals and all countries in iMEA”

John Hathaway, Regional Vice President, iMEA at BeyondTrust

Can you briefly touch on how 2022 was for your company in the region

2022 was the year of “back-to-normal”, somehow: a year without massive disruptions! While we are still the only vendor on the market able to offer a comprehensive one-stop portfolio to protect endpoints, access and privileges, we have been able to keep on challenging ourselves to always do more and better to support organizations in the region on their PAM journey. Our team has been consolidated and we have been able to focus on some strategic initiatives with top accounts, and to enhance customer support. Interestingly enough, with the World Cup happening in Qatar, our region was put under the spotlight internally which was amazing from a team culture perspective too.

What were some of the big milestones for the company in 2022

Only to mention a few, I would say that first, we were able to hire some very strategic roles across iMEA such as a Customer Executive and a Channel Solutions Engineer etc.

We have also been able to expand in some key countries such as Egypt, which has allowed us to further accelerate our operations in Africa. From a product perspective, I’d like to call out the launch of our Cloud Security Management solutions in Q1 2022 and the massive transition of our customers towards our subscription model.

Which industries have you seen the most traction in 2022 and why

Undoubtedly, we have been very active and successful in the BFSI, public and O&G sectors. The education sector is another vertical in which we have seen really strong momentum. The acceleration of attacks on major organizations in these industries, their maturity, some regional compliance mandates and customer recognition of the importance of Zero Trust supported by PAM, contributed to this. I also think that word-of-mouth has been effective: when an organization is happy with our solution, it spreads the word and peers come to us with the confidence that we can support them as effectively.

How many net new customers have you added this year? 

50% of our 2022 revenue is coming from new logos, across all verticals and all countries in iMEA. We can’t disclose names unfortunately. 95% of our existing customers have renewed and 25% have acquired additional solutions from the BeyondTrust portfolio.

What is your regional strategy as we head into 2023

As mentioned earlier, we have started to focus on some strategic initiatives and we will work intensely on that throughout 2023 too. This means that we will keep on improving our service to existing customers and expanding in India and across the African continent.

Channel enablement will be a key area of focus as well. Partners are at the crossroad between end customers and us: they deserve our attention too. And let’s not forget that a happy partner makes a happy customer.

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