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Invixium to grow by over 50% in 2022

Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President, Invixium
Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President, Invixium

Invixium is a Canadian manufacturer that has become increasingly prevalent in the global biometrics market since its founding in 2012. Here, their CEO & President Shiraz Kapadia presents his insights on the current success of the brand in the Middle East Africa (MEA) region.

“We decided to cement our place in the region with a physical office in Dubai that opened in November of 2022.”

Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President, Invixium

As a company – how have you performed in 2022 in MEA Customer Industry?

Despite Invixium being a Canadian company, our vision has always been to become a globally recognized and respected biometrics brand. Throughout our history, we have consistently pushed to reach new parts of the world, giving companies superior solutions for all their security, access control, and workforce management applications no matter where they are located.

The MEA region has been especially responsive to our biometrics portfolio due to the fast adoption of new technologies. After gaining a foothold in the Middle East over the course of many years, we decided to cement our place in the region with a physical office in Dubai that opened in November of 2022. We further invested in the region by appointing Wisam Yaghmour as the Senior Director of Sales to help pilot this new office to success. We also made meaningful partnerships throughout Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE that continue to flourish. All of these decisions have led to the MEA region becoming one of the strongest markets for Invixium.

What are the major cyber security or technologies opportunities, you have participated in while coming to solving challenges in the user market?

As it applies to our industry, data loss and cybersecurity threats are major challenges. It is reported that 75% of security breach incidents occur due to insider threats (ref), and hence physical security via biometric access control systems act as front gates to prevent unauthorized people from entering your property and putting your vital data at risk.

Beyond protecting for physical security, Invixium takes many steps to ensure that all data from our devices is encrypted, making it unusable even in the unfortunate case of data theft. These security measures built into our products have successfully mitigated the most prominent concerns that our clients face every day.

Which industries have adopted your technologies the most?

We have become a leading choice for companies of all sizes and industry types, including government, banking, higher education, healthcare, and logistics. While Invixium has been able to help all of these types of organizations with our biometric solutions, we have experienced increased interest from clients in harsh environments including oil and gas refineries, petrochemical, construction, mining and ports. Our products are purposefully-designed to have elegance but are also rugged and durable enough to be installed outdoors, making it the ultimate solution for some of the most prominent MEA industries.

How many net new customers have you added this year? Who are the major names?

Through our sales channel, we have added many new, notable clients, including prominent names in the Middle East and recognized Fortune Global 500 organizations. We are proud of the ever-growing client list we are building not just in the MEA region, but around the world and will continue to work towards spreading the benefits of biometrics to businesses that are looking to increase their security and enhance their productivity.

What is your revenue growth expectation for this FY?

Despite the ongoing global supply chain shortage, our company has continued to thrive, in part due to the incredible growth we have experienced in the MEA region. Invixium is projected to grow by over 50% in 2022 with even more promising growth to follow as we continue to deliver on our product shipments and customization projects.

What are other milestones you have achieved last year?

We proudly released two major products in 2022. IXM TFACE, a full-featured yet affordable face recognition device with multi-factor authentication capabilities, and IXM VERTU, a new reader for businesses that want a non-biometric access control option, both launched successfully and have already become key parts of our overall portfolio.

What is your road map for 2023?

Looking forward to 2023, our team at Invixium will continue to develop our software platform and offerings including Visitor Management. Also, we will continue to place a dedicated focus on delivering Customization projects, which Invixium has become renowned for. Our track record of delivering successful Customizations has allowed us to work with some prominent end-user customers, providing a bonafide solution to address their needs and requirements.

We look forward to expanding our reach in the Middle East and Africa so that more clients can start reaping the benefits of modern access control and workforce management systems.

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