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CareAR is Xerox’s Play into the Metaverse


CareAR, a Xerox company, has launched an offering that supports service workforces with visual tools and data to deliver high quality service experiences.

The Metaverse value proposition is coming to fruition with some businesses taking advantage of it to deliver unique customer experiences. Although still fuzzy, the metaverse potential to disrupt digital innovation is becoming clear as more companies begin to experiment with ideas and push the Internet to combine the digital and physical for immersive experiences across platforms and devices to create new use cases and explore business possibilities.

CareAR, a Xerox company, has launched a platform-based service experience management (SXM) offering that supports service workforces with visual tools and necessary data to deliver high quality service experiences for service employees and end-customers. Built on the CareAR platform, which Xerox acquired in early 2021, the offering combines DocuShare’s content management system, XMPie’s cross-media platform, and Xerox’s PARC Alto AI artificial intelligence engine.

Earlier, Xerox was using CareAR as a platform to resolve its customer complaints. A company operating on the scale of Xerox with millions of printers installed globally had one of the largest field agents operating with 16,000 tech executives, and more than 2000,000 ticket annually to the service desks.  Xerox needed an innovative way to manage customer complaints and started using CareAR and its augmented reality capabilities and found it so effective that the company ended up buying the company.  

Speaking about CareAR market positioning, Sajeel Hussain, Chief Revenue Officer at CareAR says, “The CareAR offering has three strong value propositions. First, it empowers support and field technicians with the visual tools and data support that are needed to deliver high-quality service experiences. Second, as the current workforce ages into retirement, service organizations are facing a crisis to supplement the talent and harness the tribal knowledge of the organization’s employees and CareAR fills in that gap by helping to leverage and optimize experienced employees’ time and equip inexperienced workers to draw on a repository of knowledge curated by CareAR’s predictive AI capabilities. Finally, CareAR facilitates remote preventative and maintenance-based actions, thereby reducing initial and follow-on technician dispatches and this results in fewer truck rolls.”

Having the capability to resolve customer challenges remotely quickly, efficiently and effectively is a big deal for companies because it saves on costs and the time of field agents. At the same time, CareAR believes that service experience and customer experience cannot function in silos and service experience management or SXM is the seamless coming together of these two experiences. In the process the service company also creates a valuable repository of knowledge, which can be mined via intelligent algorithms to better create service manuals and pro-actively resolve customer pain points.

The company is on an aggressive push to shift left and enabling more self-service by creating more compelling smart assets. So the vision is to enable a customer to go from digital to visual with simple tools and enablers, such as, scanning the QR code to instantly start an interactive session to access a host of videos, visuals and articles to help resolve the issue.

Another vision of CareAR is to enable connected insights wherein the user is able to get all service and product related information and analytics about the machine simply by pointing the camera and the expert pulls up a digital twin on a 3D model and is able to resolve the ticket using an immersive interaction.

CareAR as a platform for value creationTo extend the CareAR platform to a larger market, the company has entered into strategic collaborations with several global system integrators such as Infosys to create greater value by developing next-generation digital services on its platform and fast-track enterprise exploration of the metaverse. The platform’s API can be easily integrated with any application, business process or workflow to create unique AR solutions that can transform the industry.

The Servicenow platform is natively integrated with CareAR and this combination of enterprise-grade AR visual support with digital workflow experience equips service organizations with immense capabilities to exploit opportunities to deliver advanced digital solutions that can improve experiences for customers and technicians alike.

“Our mission is to make expertise instantly accessible with live visual AR interactions, instructions and intelligence to drive game-changing business outcomes that deliver significant operational efficiencies, reduce costs and create optimal customer and employee
experiences,” said the Chief Revenue Officer, Sajeel.

“The CareAR offering has three strong value propositions. First, it empowers support and field technicians with the visual tools and data support. Second, as the current workforce ages into retirement, CareAR fills that gap and third, it facilitates remote preventative and maintenance-based actions.”

Sajeel Hussain, Chief Revenue Officer at CareAR,

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