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Trend Micro One Enables to Detect and Respond Attacks Faster


With the growth in the pattern of cyberattacks, CISOs are in search of more and more integrated solutions which can help them detect and deter the attacks.  Bilal Baig, Technical Director, MENA, Trend Micro is speaking about how the newly launched Trend Micro One can do for the customers. Excerpt

Globally, more than 94 billion threats were blocked in 2021by the solutions that are now under Trend Micro One.

Bilal Baig, Technical Director, MENA, Trend Micro

What are all the capabilities that Trend Micro One is offering?

Trend Micro One is a unified cybersecurity platform that enables better understanding, communication, and mitigation of cyber risk across the entire enterprise. The platform enables vendor consolidation and deep integration into an organization’s IT environment, lowering risk and increasing resiliency for organizations by helping security teams to detect and stop threats faster.

These are industry-leading innovations that operate from a centralized point, interconnecting various long-established robust solutions that many organizations have benefited from for years. In fact, globally, more than 94 billion threats were blocked in 2021by the solutions that are now under Trend Micro One. The power of this platform helps organizations continuously discover their attack surface and empowers them to respond with the right security at the right time.

Under the Trend Micro One umbrella, there is Trend Micro Service One, ensuring ecosystem integration, global threat intelligence, and common services. Then, there is Trend Micro Cloud One, which encompasses all cloud-based operations protection, Trend Micro Network One, which takes care of network detection and response through unmanaged assets and eliminates blind spots, and Trend Micro Workforce One which shields endpoints, email, mobile, web, and more. All of which, of course, are boosted by XDR capabilities.

This is what we call the ‘power of one’, enabling security personnel to detect and respond faster than ever with the most robust multi-layered single cybersecurity solution.

Who will be responsible for integration at the customer’s premise, given that they will be using a unified platform?

We have dedicated Trend Micro teams and qualified partners across the globe who play a significant role in the integration process. We consistently strive to cater to our customers’ needs with a personalized approach. For example, APIs are openly available to consumers. Organizations can enable their DevOps to utilize the API with seamless integration through the Trend Micro Cloud One or Trend Micro Vision One platforms. Additionally, we offer very detailed API documents that show samples of such integrations.

Are partners ready for these new solutions? Do they have the required skill set to handle this?

The partner ecosystem continues to develop as we move along an accelerated digital world. To successfully adapt, our partners must also be a step ahead of the process. One of those ways is through Trend Micro’s Trend Campus, which is specifically dedicated to supporting partners keeping up with the rapid developments in the world of cybersecurity and the evolving threat landscape. Through Trend Campus, we offer comprehensive courses that provide partners with essential information that enhance their cybersecurity capabilities. These learning modules cover everything from basic know-how to more in-depth and complex solutions, all aimed at empowering partners to successfully leverage the latest innovations and thrive in their industry. We constantly encourage partners to leverage Trend Campus to boost their capabilities, demonstrate the impact of our solutions and support the design of a more secure, resilient digital era.

These paths of learning highlight the importance and impact that the combination of Trend Micro solutions have on a digital environment, which is now available on a single platform. We try to support our partners keep up with rapid developments in the world of cybersecurity and evolving threat landscape.

How are the partners coping with this change?

As mentioned, the changes in the process of protecting assets come in at a blistering pace. Even though it may take gradual steps to fully understand the complex digital environment, partners remain steady in fulfilling their security potential. Fortunately, we have the solutions to help them at every stage.

What is the migration path for the existing customers?

It’s not necessarily about migration, as supposed to add a layer of protection to existing solutions from Trend Micro. There is no need to transfer from one security solution to another. Rather, look at Trend Micro One as a powerful addition to applications that customers already have and operate.

They will automatically receive new features within the solution itself. Be it older customers or newer ones, it’s all about connecting organizations to different solutions on a single platform and the broader ecosystem or protection through seamless integration.

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