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Some of the challenges that CXOs face is about managing risks, resilience, business continuity


In the digital journey of the customers, the ecosystem partners play a major role. From offering products to create solutions to offer services, the ecosystem does everything. Bulwak being a VAD has a major play in the journey. We spoke to  Jose Menacherry, Managing Director, Bulwark Technologies. Excerpts.  

“Bulwark being a VAD in the cyber security space, is educating the market – both end users and the channel community on the apparent risks to slow adoption of security practices.”

Jose Menacherry, Managing Director, Bulwark Technologies

What is the state of Digital transformation market in the region?

Digital transformation in the Middle East, like in the rest of the developed world is seeing an explosive growth. This is not just businesses trying to re-invent themselves to adopt AI or Cloud in order to stay competitive, we are seeing Government entities embracing Digital transformation in a big way.

Briefly tell us how Bulwark is enabling digital acceleration?

Digital acceleration has opened up avenues for hackers and state sponsored attack groups to mount sophisticated attacks via penetration and reconnaissance activities that is going unnoticed. Bulwark being a VAD in the cyber security space, is educating the market – both end users and the channel community on the apparent risks to slow adoption of security practices. The market needs to keep pace with the digital growth by adopting secure practices and tools such as MFA, patching, anti-phishing, security awareness programs to counter such threats. Bulwark is providing the necessary security measures to give confidence to organizations adopting Digital transformation.

What are the challenges of CXOs that Bulwark is trying to mitigate?

Some of the challenges that CXOs face is about managing risks, resilience, business continuity measures that they need to consider whilst adopting Digital Transformation of their businesses to stay competitive. With the market now operating in hybrid mode having data on premise and in cloud, CXOs need to consider comprehensive solutions to mitigate risks arising out of such initiatives. Bulwark, with 23 years of cyber security experience is well poised to advise CXOs in considering industry best practise to address attack surface management, risk return ratio, cyber resilience to name a few.

What are the core competencies of Bulwark and how is it different from others in the competition?

Bulwark’s core competencies include being able to identify the gaps in the security landscape and promoting vendors and their solutions to address this gap. Bulwark also takes pride in maintaining long term relationships with enterprise partners to jointly address the ever growing threats and expanding attack surface. We act as a single point of contact between multiple security vendors, making it easier for partners and customers to purchase, implement  and manage solution addressing the data security / cybersecurity concerns. We participate in a number of 3rd party events such as GITEX, GISEC, eCrime Congress, Black Hack MEA and other customer focused and partner focused events for different verticals to show case the latest technologies available in the industry that help mitigate cyber risks.

Apart from Cyber Security, which other technologies that Bulwark is offering to the market?

Cybersecurity is our core focus. Apart from that, we do have RPA solution to automate the recurring activities and thereby reducing the human involvement, avoiding errors and delays. Other solution are email backup, storage security, network monitoring, configuration management, MDM / EMM etc.

Have you created any technology practice within for the convenience of the customers, if yes, pls? Elaborate on this. 

First of all, security is an ongoing process rather than a one time activity. We try to identify the customer pain points and suggest solutions accordingly. For eg. we collaborate with organizations in banking & finance sector in the region for automating  file their transfers securely and fully encrypted, meeting compliance requirements like encryption of data in motion and rest, without any manual intervention and carried out in a highly secure manner. We help them to achieve the process by using one of the solution called GoAnyWhere MFT from Fortra. Similarly, we have solutions for meeting various compliance requirements for different industries for keeping their PII data and other confidential information safe and secure, at the same time ensuring availability of data for business processes.

Skilling is one of the major challenges for the customers, how do you support the customers?

Cyber security requires constant re-skilling of talent and skills to be able to keep up to date with the emerging threats. Bulwark has partnered with vendors such as Cyberbit to address the skilling gap in cyber security, providing a platform for SOC teams, security researchers and analysts to pitch their skills against a myriad of threat scenarios. Cyberbit closely follows the MITRE attack frame to provide a comprehensive environment for individuals to test their skills as one to one or team based approach.

Bulwark offers a range of value-added services, helping customers and partner to understand our solution portfolio better, undertaking demos & PoC, implementation services, certification training and offering extended warranties, service level contracts etc. all through our focused channel partners. 

Final message for the customers

Bulwark has been in the cybersecurity space for 23 years now and instrumental in introducing latest and niche technologies to the region. We have been instrumental in evaluating new technology products based on the security needs of customers and commit to support customers with proper expertise. We thank all the customers, channel partners and vendors for their continued support and for the long term trust & association with Bulwark.

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