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Pure Storage Delivers New Self-Service Storage Management Capabilities


Latest platform enhancements empower customers with more control over their data storage environment via a single management layer, simplifying end-to-end operations

Pure Storage has announced new self-service capabilities across its Pure1® storage management platform and Evergreen® portfolio as it delivers on its commitment to provide comprehensive, valuable software-based solutions, all via a single platform experience, to global customers.

“We’re excited to deliver an enhanced services experience to our global customers, eliminating IT bottlenecks with expanded self-service capabilities.”

Prakash Darji, General Manager, Digital Experience, Pure Storage

Industry Significance:

Pure Storage has been at the forefront of revolutionizing enterprise data storage since its inception in 2009. What began as a commitment to high-performance storage hardware has evolved into a comprehensive platform that delivers outcomes, with an emphasis on Storage as-a-Service (STaaS) and automated software service delivery.

This strategic shift to further embrace as-a-Service outcomes delivers on Pure Storage’s vision to meet the evolving demands of modern businesses that seek efficient, cost-effective, and scalable storage solutions.

Today’s announcement is a testament to Pure Storage’s unwavering efforts to provide a meaningful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) experience to enterprises everywhere, eliminating time-intensive IT operations with expanded software capabilities that automate upgrades for the Purity flash storage operating environment , streamline data protection, simplify invoice management and ESG reporting, and enhance partner intelligence — all at no cost and available immediately with an Evergreen subscription.

News Highlights:

Enhanced Self Service

  • Self-Service Autonomous Upgrades: More than 30% of Pure Storage’s customer base uses ActiveCluster™. Upgrades to the Purity operating environment for ActiveCluster required time-consuming manual effort, as customers jumped from one upgrade to another in an effort to keep servers in sync. With new Autonomous Upgrades, customers can simply invoke a Purity upgrade, leaving the heavy lifting to Pure Storage via its Pure1 platform, and freeing up the time previously spent managing the process themselves.

Simplified Data Resilience

  • Streamlined Ransomware Anomaly Detection: In Pure1, organizations can leverage AIOps for ransomware anomaly detection in their data estate. In the event of an anomaly, Pure1 now recommends snapshots from which customers can restore their affected data (both locally and remote), eliminating cumbersome, manual snapshot catalog reviews, which can take anywhere from hours to days.
  • Automated Disaster Recovery as-a-Service: On the heels of launching its first DRaaS offering, Pure Storage is releasing DRaaS 1.1 within Pure1, enabling customers to deploy disaster recovery in their data center in just 15 minutes or less. Organizations running virtual machines (VMs) in a VMware environment can now leverage Pure1 to deploy a self-service environment for disaster recovery in the AWS cloud. Additionally, Pure Storage launched a new Auto-Enroll feature, where organizations can tag (auto-enroll) VMs in their data center for added protection.

Empowered Partner Experience

  • Partner Intelligence/Performance Tracking: Now in Beta, Pure Storage Partners gain an extra layer of granularity in performance as well as an improved user experience.
  • Simplified Invoice Management: With new simplified invoice management, Pure Storage offers transparency across its Evergreen subscriptions — all in a single pane of glass view — for customers. The latest capability boosts traceability and the ability for partners to reconcile what customers are being charged for, which can often create strains in the partner-customer relationship.

Transparent Sustainability Compliance

  • Customized C-Suite ESG Reports: In support of Pure Storage’s previously announced Sustainability Assessment, Pure Storage now provides a customizable executive-level ESG report, including a summarized view of a customer’s data center and overall fleet, while outlining areas of improvement. This helps IT teams better communicate the sustainability impact of their IT infrastructure to management and align better to organizational sustainability goals.

“Rooted in high-performance all-flash storage hardware, Pure has evolved into a transformative platform emphasizing Storage as-a-Service and automated software delivery. Today’s milestone reflects our unwavering dedication to meeting the dynamic needs of modern businesses through scalable, self-service storage solutions. We’re excited to deliver an enhanced services experience to our global customers, eliminating IT bottlenecks with expanded self-service capabilities,” commented Prakash Darji, General Manager, Digital Experience, Pure Storage.

“Pure Storage’s strategic shift towards a self-service experience marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of enterprise storage solutions. By prioritizing Storage as-a-Service and enhancing self-service capabilities, Pure is not just adapting to industry trends but setting a new standard for customer empowerment. This move is a testament to their commitment to efficiency, flexibility, and providing customers with a seamless experience in managing their storage needs,” said Steve McDowell, Chief Analyst and CEO, NAND Research.

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