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Khazna Data Centers Marks 10th Anniversary as it Continues to Strengthen UAE’s Digital Economy


Commemorating the milestone with the launch of Khazna’s new brand identity

Khazna Data Centers celebrates its 10th anniversary this month since its establishment in 2012. Khazna has been at the heart of digital transformation, contributing to the blueprint of the United Arab Emirates’ progression into an international technology hub, bolstering its efforts to create a digital economy. 

Khazna Data Centers, the leading wholesale data center provider in the region, was formed with the vision to harness the power and potential of data, to enable customers and stakeholders to accelerate the reach and performance of their business and to open-up a world of new business opportunities.  Over the course of the past decade, Khazna has been at the forefront of backing enterprises’ growth trajectory and their ability to manage the level of connectivity required to effectively deliver services to partners, customers, and users alike and supporting the creation of a digital ecosystem in the UAE and beyond.

Hassan Alnaqbi, CEO of Khazna Data Centers, said: “Khazna Data Centers has come a long way since it was formed a decade ago. With the ambition of establishing a facility to address the need for a future-ready digital infrastructure and enriching businesses’ digital resiliency and digital transformation journeys, we have built the region’s pioneering data center company”.

A decade of success
Given the ever-increasing importance of digitalization, the demand for digital infrastructure continues to grow and is considered a critical element for success. Khazna Data Centers is committed to creating a space for businesses to support their long-term growth strategies in the UAE and wider region, and to be able to make their business vision a reality by providing secure, efficient, reliable, sustainable, and scalable facilities.

Khazna was crowned the region’s largest wholesale data center company following the successful merger of G42 and e&’s data center businesses. This strategic partnership allowed Khazna to increase the value of its infrastructure assets while also optimizing processes and resources utilization by providing superior and customized hosting solutions that match customers’ business needs.

Khazna Data Centers has entered significant collaborations and initiatives to meet the increasing demand for distributed digital infrastructure. Khazna announced its partnership with Dubai Internet City in 2022 to establish two state-of-the-art facilities to further support enterprises of all sizes by enabling the integration of technology across all business functions. The company also kicked off construction of its second data center in Masdar, Abu Dhabi – a new 31.8 megawatts (MW) of IT power capacity facility garnering the continuous expansion of the Khazna’s footprint in the UAE. Khazna is also setting up a built-for-purpose data center consisting of state-of-the-art and modern infrastructure which was awarded the Tier III certification of Constructed Facility by Uptime Institute.

With its proven experience, Khazna Data Centers now operates a total of 12 data centers, has 13 data centers under construction with a further 3 in the pipeline, amounting for a total of over 300-megawatt planned capacity by end of 2023 across its sites in the UAE.

The future matters more than ever before. Khazna is committed to realizing its strategic growth by enhancing the data center business proposition with new investments and planned expansions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Egypt.

Looking Ahead

The UAE is already paving the way for a tomorrow, embedded in data, innovation, entrepreneurship

knowledge and diversification. Rapid development in network connectivity, government support and investment, progress in the adoption of cloud and hybrid infrastructure, big data, and IoT services have been strong drivers for the growth of the UAE data center industry.

While Khazna Data Centres’ services and operations have expanded due to the growing demand for distributed digital infrastructure, its underlying principles have remained constant. Khazna Data Centers unveiled a new brand identity aligned to constantly deliver joined up solutions that open a world of possibilities, connecting clients to better business models and new business opportunities through the globally connected digital eco-system.

Khazna Data Centers enables businesses at the forefront of the digital economy to connect seamlessly with the global digital ecosystem. Managed by leading industry experts, the wholesale data centers aim to create a more connected world by building and managing superior and sustainable data centers, providing custom-made solutions and optimum performance as data continues to proliferate at enormous scale.

Hassan Alnaqbi, CEO of Khazna Data Centers, concluded: “Data has become the lifeblood of today’s global digital economy. And it is data centers that form the backbone of this flow of information – serving a vital intersection point for the data of individuals, businesses, and economies.

As a company at the heart of the digital ecosystem, we align ourselves with UAE’s strategic plans to establish a strong digital economy by adopting innovative strategic solutions to support the growth of digital businesses in the country. We are also dedicated to work alongside our customers to realize their ambitions and be part of the solution that drives business forward.”

Digital infrastructure is indispensable for the ever-growing role played by the digital economy.

Data centers are key to support business’ growth trajectory, adopt digital technologies, enable new business models, and the ability to manage the level of connectivity required to effectively deliver services. 

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