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Juniper Mist AI Enables a New, ‘Operational Zen’, Reality for Retail Networks

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The network infrastructure has always been a key enabler for efficient retail operations.  In-store point of sale (POS) devices, store and warehouse scanners and interactive real-time customer engagement require reliable wireless connectivity, while predictable WAN connectivity is essential for communicating between stores, warehouses and headquarters operations.

“At Juniper, we have enabled a new retail network reality, made possible by Juniper Mist AI. We call it operational zen among ourselves, and we can enable retail IT teams to easily achieve it through our industry-leading AI-Native Networking.”

Jarek Matschey, Head of Juniper’s Retail Practice in EMEA

To address today’s challenges and meet current business objectives, retailers need an agile network framework to handle rapidly changing environments and emerging consumer behaviours. Solutions must be sufficiently reliable to deliver ideal experiences for customers and employees. This level of sophistication calls for AI-based automation that can rapidly handle any disruptions.

Juniper Mist AI is leading the era of AI-Native Networking

Mist AI combines AI, machine learning and data science techniques to eliminate manual processes and replace them with intelligently streamlined and automated network operations. This innovative solution makes retail operations more efficient and less stressful. Having been in use and continually learning for more than nine years, Juniper Mist AI is by far the most advanced AI-Native Networking solution in the market. Its capabilities include:

  • Reinforcement learning helps consistently deliver exceptional network user experiences. For example, RRM (radio resource management) is constantly assessing the network, making tweaks and changes. For instance; if a temporary store display is placed in front of an access point (AP) and it causes problems with the radio signals, Mist AI will automatically turn up the power to the APs around it to compensate and adjust the network back again.
  • Supervised learning: Mist AI dynamically collects information from all endpoints (over 150 state changes are captured for each client device and access point every few seconds), and correlates it for quick wireless, wired and device problem identification. Predictive recommendations and automated workflows enable remediate problems quickly or prevent them entirely.
  • Unsupervised learning: Mist AI uses its data to support Juniper indoor location services (accurate to around just one meter) that deliver rich mobile experiences for in-store customers and can play a key role in driving revenue through digital sales and marketing.
  • Generative AI facilitates natural conversations between network operators and the Marvis® Virtual Network Assistant, making interaction and communication easy. Central to Juniper’s unique AI-Native Networking support model, Marvis is constantly ingesting data and learning from network devices and applications.

Marvis Minis: The only AI-Native Digital Experience Twin

Marvis Minis is the only AI-Native Networking Digital Experience Twin. It proactively simulates the user experience to instantly validate network configurations and detect problems without any users being present on the network. For example, retailers making network changes to a store overnight don’t have to wait for users to discover whether everything is as it should be. Marvis checks everything for them, testing every hour and after every change. Minis can also be configured to test custom websites and URLs.No additional hardware or software is needed; Marvis Minis is always on and validating network experience. Minis can be turned on from the Mist interface.

Integrations with retail applications

Retail environments depend on the network for many vital applications, from delivering rich in-store experiences to consumers to giving employees the tools they need to keep the business humming.

Juniper’s AI-Native Network offers easy integration with Zebra store and inventory management devices. It ensures the devices have the best possible connection, so that store staff are not held up by connectivity issues and customers are not frustrated by a sketchy scanning experience. Being able to identify the cause of a problem through the Mist dashboard means that the right remediation can be swiftly carried out, often without anyone noticing.

Another advantage Mist offers is integration with Microsoft Teams and Zoom to deliver the best possible caller experience for meetings between retail locations. Mist correlates data from calls and the network to identify exactly what’s happening then makes adjustments to improve quality and clarity for the user. And when an issue is detected, Marvis shows the source of the problem and automatically advises IT teams on the best action to take for remediation.

Jarek Matschey, Head of Juniper’s Retail Practice in EMEA  said: “Retailers are demanding reliable network connectivity, accurate indoor location services, asset tracking and route optimisation to enable outstanding customer and employee experiences, whether it is online, in-store, or a combination of both. At Juniper, we have enabled a new retail network reality, made possible by Juniper Mist AI. We call it operational zen among ourselves, and we can enable retail IT teams to easily achieve it through our industry-leading AI-Native Networking.”

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