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Jedox Creates ChatGPT Integration


The Jedox ChatGPT integration empowers teams to thoughtfully explore the future of powerful planning and how AI can enhance their workflows

Jedox has created a ChatGPT integration model that enables finance, sales, HR, marketing, supply chain, and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) teams to experiment with generative AI in their integrated business planning (IBP) processes. ChatGPT can add qualitative context to IBP data and supplement human interpretation, and this integration model shows how users can easily embed it within Jedox to interpret information at the click of a button.

Because the Jedox platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with Excel and other technologies, the platform can harness the power of generative AI with no programming or coding required. The integration takes only seconds to set up, and Jedox provides a demo model to take users through the steps.

Jedox customers can now the company’s ChatGPT integration to enhance predictive analytics generated by the Jedox AIssisted™ planning solution. AIssisted™ is fully integrated in the platform to better forecast revenue, demand, cash flow, and customer loyalty. Combining these tools enables teams to not only identify drivers with the greatest impact to the business but also generate a supporting description.

Offering an example of the efficiencies and insight that can be unlocked by this integration, a spokesperson at Jedox said, “Our ChatGPT integration can easily display a monthly management report alongside the chatbot on the front end so users can adjust the parameters and get insights from ChatGPT side by side. This makes planning simpler, because users do not have to spend time gathering data from multiple sources or using third-party AI tools. They can visualize everything in one place and easily share it with other team members.”

“Generative AI can spark exciting innovations for all teams and organisations. ChatGPT is an accessible way to test the technology and unlock opportunities for more adaptable, integrated, and simplified planning, regardless of technological proficiency. As more information becomes available, the Jedox ChatGPT integration is there for teams to thoughtfully explore the future of powerful planning and how AI can enhance their workflows,” the spokesperson said.

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