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Huawei Proposes a Three-Level Intelligent Digital Transformation Architecture, Helping Carriers Open the Blue Ocean of Digital Intelligence


At the Operations Digital Transformation Summit of Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week, Peng Song, President of Huawei Carrier BG Marketing & Solution Sales Dept, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Opening the Blue Ocean of Digital Intelligence Towards a New Era of DigiVerse”. He pointed out that digital intelligence is the biggest opportunity in the next decade and will provide a new blue ocean for carriers, as well as giving them new impetus. Based on decades of experience in intelligent digital transformation, Huawei works with telecom carriers to develop a three-layer intelligent digital transformation architecture, five-dimensional and five-phase operations intelligent digital transformation maturity model, and three value-oriented transformation paths. In this way, carriers can better embrace new transformation opportunities.

“To seize opportunities, carriers need to accelerate their intelligent digital transformation from three levels,” said Peng Song. “First, service transformation. Going forward, telecom carriers will focus on differentiated experience-based services, data services, and industry digital services. They need to implement business loop closure by leveraging ecosystem, platform, and network to drive the rapid growth of the second curve. Second, operations transformation. Carriers need to focus on the user journey, in which products, services, platforms, and networks are intricately linked. Given that 80% of service decisions are projected to be driven by data, they need to maximize data value for value-based operations. Third, infrastructure transformation. Carriers are expected to provide secure, green, intelligent, and ubiquitous networks in which computing and connection resources are integrated.”

Intelligent digital transformation is a process requiring continuous optimizations. During the intelligent digital transformation of operations, Huawei cooperates with industry organizations to form a five-dimensional, five-phase maturity assessment model based on its own transformation experience as well as that of more than 100 carriers. The five dimensions of the model include transformation strategy, value measurement, process optimization, data/platform/network, and organization talent, and the assessment is conducted according to five maturity phases ranging from L1 to L5.

Intelligent digital transformation of operations is also a systematic project. Regarding this, Zhou Xiaohua, Director of Huawei Service & Software Marketing & Solution Sales Dept, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Breaking Six Misunderstandings and Accelerating Intelligent Digital Transformation of Operations”, in which three key paths were introduced to help carriers transform in terms of intelligence integration in digital services, data-driven intelligent experience, and predictable intelligent digital O&M. Huawei has rolled out a broad portfolio of products and solutions, such as the Artificial Intelligent Contact Center (AICC), SmartCare Smart series, and AUTIN i series. These help support high-value ToC, ToH, and ToB scenarios of carriers. We help carriers improve quality and efficiency through automation and intelligence to implement precision marketing and lean operations that are market-, government-, and enterprise-oriented. Huawei, in particular, works to enable a differentiated carrier ToB experience, and empowers industry innovation and revenue increase through smart operations. On the one hand, immersive digital marketing is provided for industry customers in the marketing phase, while deterministic SLA assurance is provided through digital integration and service-level O&M capabilities. On the other hand, mature digital intelligence capabilities are adopted to enable digital intelligence of industry operations and customer service, as well as data as a service (DaaS) to generate revenue in new digital services.

Finally, Huawei has built the Digital Intelligent Transformation DigiVerse Center, Digital Intelligent Transformation Columbus Exhibition Hall, and Digital Intelligent Transformation Innovation and Practice Center. Leveraging experience in valuable scenarios in the actual transformation process, Huawei provides more than 10 cloud showcases around the world and makes it possible to have immersive dialogues with more than 300 experts while enjoying scenario-based experiences. Together, Huawei, carriers, and business partners can carry out joint innovation, and ultimately embrace the blue ocean of digital intelligence.

The Win-Win Huawei Innovation Week is held from July 18 to July 21 in Shenzhen, China. Together with global operators, industry professionals, and opinion leaders, we dive into topics such as 5.5G, green development, and digital transformation to envision shared success in the digital economy. For more information, please visit:

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