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Huawei Advocates Striding Faster Towards an Intelligent World at MWC


Huawei launched the Green 1-2-3 Solution during Huawei Green ICT Summit

Huawei’s Carrier BG President Li Peng spoke today at Huawei’s MWC Barcelona 2023 Day 0 Forum on how 5G was opening the door to an intelligent world, and how the leap to 5.5G would be a key milestone along this journey. Li emphasized that the industry had to work together to move faster towards an ultra-broadband, green, and intelligent world, and that Huawei’s GUIDE business blueprint could help lay the foundation for this important achievement.

Huawei launched the Green 1-2-3 Solution

On the sidelines of MWC 2023, Huawei held its Green ICT Summit. Peng Song, President of ICT Strategy & Marketing of Huawei, delivered a keynote speech entitled “Green & Development, Choosing Not to Choose”. He pointed out that An AI Big Bang is underway, and that AI brings new benefits and opportunities to operators. However, it also requires better ICT infrastructure, due to higher bandwidth and increased computing power leading to a rapid increase in network energy consumption. “The ICT industry seems to be faced with the tough choice to either go green or develop. However, we believe the industry can choose not to choose, and instead go green and develop simultaneously,” Peng said.

Peng emphasized that Huawei iteratively updates its green solutions in accordance with its belief in the potential of the three aforementioned areas, and has launched the Huawei Green 1-2-3 solution. Within this solution, “1” refers to one index for green network construction; “2” refers to the focus on two scenarios: high energy efficiency and ultra-low energy consumption; and “3” refers to a systematic three-layer solution that covers sites, networks, and operations. Peng closed his speech by highlighting Huawei’s willingness to work with operators worldwide to strike a balance between going green and development, in order to accelerate green ICT development.

Huawei unveiled HUAWEI XMAGE Trend Report 2023

Also, during the event, Huawei unveiled the HUAWEI XMAGE Trend Report 2023. This is the first trend report since the launch of HUAWEI XMAGE in 2022, a new mobile imagery brand which clearly defined the structure of Huawei’s Mobile Imagery Strategy: technology innovation, consumer experience and culture exploration.

Images have become the common language of today, and mobile phones play an increasingly important role in this new trend, said Li Changzhu, Vice President of Strategy Marketing, Huawei Consumer BG, as well as judge of HUAWEI NEXT IMAGE Awards. Li announced the launch of the report at the HUAWEI XMAGE Salon themed Insight in Mobile Imagery. Based on works generated from submissions to the annual awards, derived from XMAGE, the report identifies trends in the type of visual content that Huawei smartphone users generate.

“HUAWEI XMAGE aims to bring a new era of mobile imagery, and we spare no efforts in forging a strong imagery culture via innovation, which brings users superior experience,” said Li. According to research, over 1.4 trillion photos are taken globally each year, among which more than 89% are captured on mobile phones.

Connectivity+ is key to prosperous 5G development

By the end of 2022, more than 230 5G networks had already been commercially deployed, supporting over one billion 5G users and a multitude of 5G devices, and 5G has driven rapid development of the ICT industry. In the consumer market, carriers have been innovating to extend “Connectivity+”. As 5G capabilities continue to improve, leading carriers in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East have scrambled to develop different kinds of digital services. Some carriers have converged connectivity with local OTT services, which allows them to achieve shared success. These offerings bundle connectivity with digital services like social media, helping them grow into a one-stop digital service provider.

General-purpose technologies like 5G, AI, and cloud computing are driving industrial digitalization and bringing new strategic opportunities. Enterprise customers need more offering portfolios, carriers need to reinforce “Connectivity+”.  One Chinese carrier had combined connectivity with cloud, AI, security, and platform services to expand into new markets and grow its revenue from industrial digitalization by over 20% in 2022.

Moving forward, carriers will continue to improve their network capabilities, to provide more guaranteed experiences. So, carriers are making “Connectivity+” more open. Huawei has joined the CAMARA project led by the GSMA. Through this project, we aim to help carriers transform networks into service enablement platforms and monetize better customer experience.

Moving faster into an ultra-broadband, green, and intelligent world

Moving forward, the intelligent world will be deeply integrated with the physical world. Everything, including personal entertainment, work, and industrial production, will be intelligently connected. This means that networks will have to evolve from ubiquitous Gbps to ubiquitous 10Gbps, connectivity and sensing will need to be integrated, and the ICT industry will have to shift its focus from energy consumption to energy efficiency.

The evolution from 5G to 5.5G will be key to meeting these growing requirements.

Huawei is ready to work with its industry partners to deliver a ubiquitous 10Gbps experience with innovative wireless, optical, and IP technologies; explore use cases like vehicle-road collaboration and environment monitoring to integrate sensing and communication; and build a unified energy efficiency indicator system to drive green industry development.

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