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Finesse’s Growth Poises on Digital, Cybersecurity and 1CXO Strategy


The growth of every company depends on hard work, precision in situational awareness and smart outlook of management. Finesse has ticked all the right fundamental boxes. Whether it is in Middle East or any other part of the world, the company has the potential to yield high growth against its peer companies.

If one looks at the economy of middle east, it is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. The region is untapped in many perspectives and most potential ones for growth. As per the estimated figures, the MENA region GDP for 2023 is $5.08 trillion, which is growing at 3% + now. Out of this the GCC countries’ total GDP is projected to be close to US$ 2 trillion in 2022. If the GCC continued business as usual, their combined GDP would grow to an expected US$ 6 trillion by 2050. This figure has been corroborated by many of the leading media and consulting houses. The reports also say if the countries implemented a green growth strategy that would help and accelerate their economic diversification, GDP could have the potential to grow to over US$ 13 trillion by 2050.

Having gone by these facts and figures, the potential is huge. Every country and their administrators understand these facts against the evolving geopolitical challenges. They know where their interest lies. Whether it is about bringing the FIFA World Cup to Qatar or creating a mega city known as NEOM by Saudi or bringing the Global Expo to Dubai to develop business & tourism. All these activities are indicators of growth and independence of traditional business that are Brent crude dependent.

“The client-centric approach, coupled with Finesse’s commitment to cybersecurity and compliance, positions Finesse as the region’s leading partner in the continuously evolving digital environment.”

The region is not only investing in non-traditional businesses aggressively but also investing heavily on the traditional business to modernize the operation and to enhance productivity. Every sector is investing in digitization and embracing extreme innovations. Where there was talk around metaverse, the region had adopted it. When people had taken baby steps around 5G, the countries in the region had started talking about 6G. Today, the countries in the region have adopted blockchain, AI, Analytics, Multi Cloud, etc. The government sector is ahead in the curve of adoption.

Most of the countries including Saudi, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, etc. have set their vision of 2030, which emphasizes on three components including: 1. Creating a vibrant society, which allows quality development in urbanism, culture and entertainment, sports, Umrah, UNESCO heritage sites, life expectancy, etc. 2. Creating a thriving economy, which encompasses employment of citizens, increased women in the workforce, creating international competitiveness, generating Public Investment Fund, boosting foreign direct investment and enhancing non-oil exports, etc. 3. Creating an ambitious nation with enhanced non-oil revenues, effectiveness in governance, high degree of e-government, increase in individual income, enhanced participation of non-profits and volunteering.

“Finesse’s transition from a system integrator to a full-service provider is a result of our commitment to provide all-encompassing, holistic support to our customers.”

Sunil Paul, Founder and Managing Director of Finesse

Clearly, these activities show how the countries are hungry to grow in quality and it cannot happen without the aggressive involvement of technology. Refer to one of the senior Industry analysts, “Middle East governments, in response to oil price pressures, rapid population growth, urbanization and rising citizen demands have also embarked on massive national transformation plans of their own. All of these plans are explicit about Digital Transformation, harnessing and integrating digital technologies to develop smarter cities and become smarter nations, a key outcome of their national visions.”

Echoes Emmanuel Durou, Partner, Head of Middle East, TMT Industry, Deloitte & Touche (M.E.). He says, “Governments across the Middle East have launched ambitious national transformation plans with a major focus on enabling ICT and Digital Transformation technologies, to address their own economic, social and environmental challenges. As such, the new era of national transformation, is a journey that we believe is truly digital.”

The trend has created an opportunity for all the business houses – whether it is global or local – to multiply their growth. One of the biggest examples is the domestic technology player Finesse.

The genesis of Finesse can be traced back over a decade ago, during a time when the digital landscape was rapidly evolving. In this dynamic environment, Finesse emerged as a visionary force, driven by a commitment to revolutionize the way businesses embraced digital transformation. Great situational awareness of its founders Sunil Paul and Raju Ramesh had traced the tremendous potential of technology to reshape industries and drive innovation. Therefore, Finesse had set out to enable & empower organizations with tailored, cutting-edge solutions that were uniquely customized to their specific business requirements. Presently, Finesse stands as the preeminent digital transformation partner in the GCC, supporting over 350 businesses across a broad range of industry verticals.

Today, the company has evolved and reshaped itself into 3 specialized – segments or Business Units, i.e., Digital Transformation & System Integration with ‘Finesse’, Cyber Security under the banner of ‘Cyberhub’ and Consulting & Advisory services  as ‘1CXO’.  

“Our company has expanded in response to market demands – adding services so that we can provide clients with holistic digital transformation services.”

Eljo JP, Chief Business Officer & Director, Finesse

Finesse has grown organically from a trusted system integrator in the GCC to becoming one of the leading global digital transformation partners. Initially, Finesse used basic office facilities and technology infrastructure, but infrastructure investments has increased with Finesse’s reputation and client base growing. To ensure seamless operations, Finesse strategically expanded its information technology systems and development & support centers in response to changing client demands. As an example, Finesse has established a state-of-the-art Cognitive Security Operations Center (CSOC) in Dubai, UAE to meet the growing demand for cybersecurity support in the GCC and now opened their second CSOC facility in Bangalore, India. As a result, organizations operating in the region can significantly improve their security posture.

Financially, Finesse’s growth has been based on prudent financial management. Its profits have been reinvested in strategic expansion of market share and service diversification. Finesse acquired this stability, which enabled it to secure additional capital for setting up new business lines with strategic partnerships, resulting in Finesse’s position as one of the leading digital system integrators in the GCC & elsewhere.

During Finesse’s expansion, it attracted top-tier professionals, transforming its workforce from a small team to 450+ experts, demonstrating its commitment to talent acquisition. As a result of this growth, human resource strategies evolved to promote innovation and excellence in the organization through training, career development, and employee well-being.

Interestingly, Finesse’s journey starts as a Systems Integration company, but its transition is really interesting. Founder and Managing Director of Finesse, Sunil Paul says, “Finesse’s transition from a system integrator to a full-service provider is a result of our commitment to provide all-encompassing, holistic support to our customers. With the evolving digital landscape, we recognized that our clients needed more than just system integration – they needed a partner who could lead them through the entire digital transformation journey.”

“Our company has expanded in response to market demands – adding solutions and services so that we can provide clients with holistic digital transformation services,” added, Eljo JP, Chief Business Officer, Finesse

In the last few years, Finesse has added new capabilities like Artificial intelligence & IoT, as well as new consulting services such as 1CXO (advisory and consulting) and Cyberhub (cybersecurity products, solutions & services from their 24/7 security operations centers (CSOC) and network operations centers (NOCs)).

Sunil added, “Our decision to expand was bolstered by a highly skilled workforce that evolved from our system integration phase, possessing the necessary expertise to address cybersecurity and advisory challenges. Our access to innovative solutions has also enabled us to meet the changing needs of our clients effectively.”

Until now, each of the business units within Finesse has fired from all cylinders driven by its unwavering commitment to deliver comprehensive digital transformation solutions and services tailored to its clients’ evolving needs.

In FY 2024, the company is looking forward to maintaining this growth momentum across these key business units:

  • Finesse 1CXO – Advising Digital Transformation: business unit offers consulting and advisory services relating to digital strategy covering a wide range of topics including ESG, customer experience, digital transformation, corporate service, information management, data privacy and information security.
  • Finesse – Enabling Digital Transformation: Our flagship BU specializes in technology implementation, system integration and support services, utilizing tools that are precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients’ businesses.
  • Finesse Cyberhub – Securing Digital Transformation: This business unit offers a variety of cybersecurity products, solutions, and services, including a 24-hour Cognitive Security Operations Center (CSOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC).

Eljo adds, “As businesses seek to adjust to the rapidly evolving technology and market landscape, demand for these comprehensive digital transformation services remains strong. To remain at the forefront of industry innovation, we are actively exploring opportunities in emerging fields, such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT, as well as maintaining and expanding our presence in our current business areas.”

However, the customers always ask for the differentiation of the business against its peers. Sunil says, Finesse’s uniqueness within the region is exemplified by our extensive experience collaborating with clients across a wide range of industries at different stages of their digital transformation journey.”

“Our extensive experience enables us to offer tailored solutions based on unparalleled insights that precisely meet our clients’ needs. Our value proposition extends beyond mere technical prowess and industry knowledge; it is centered on our ability to offer personalized services and solutions. We strive to ensure that each client receives a roadmap tailored to their specific needs, since digital transformation cannot be achieved in one-size-fits-all fashion, he added.

This client-centric approach, coupled with Finesse’s commitment to cybersecurity and compliance, positions Finesse as the region’s leading partner in the continuously evolving digital environment.


GITEX is a marquee event in the region, which happens every year in Dubai World Trade Center. It attracts lacs of people. In 2022 GITEX hosted more than 5,000 companies and over 170,000 attendees from 176 countries. Finesse is a great exhibitor at this global trade fair for ICT.  This year (2023) Finesse also has an unwavering commitment. The company will display a comprehensive array of our latest offerings and innovations, reflecting our commitment to driving excellence in digital transformation.

Finesse’s booth will feature the following key highlights for visitors:

  • 1CXO – Digital Strategy Consulting and Advisory Services: We will showcase our expertise in providing strategic guidance across key domains, including ESG, Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, Corporate Services, Information Management, Data Privacy, and Information Security. We will have experts on hand to provide you with information regarding how these services are designed to assist your business in creating effective strategies for navigating the digital landscape.
  • Finesse – Enabling Digital Transformation: We will highlight technology implementation, system integration and support services, demonstrating how we tailor technology solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses. Visitors will gain insights into the solutions we provide, and the technologies we support – to help facilitate seamless transitions toward digital transformation while optimizing technology to align with specific business objectives.
  • Cyberhub 24/7 CSOC – Cybersecurity solutions & Services: The paramount importance of cybersecurity will be the key focal point. We will showcase our range of cybersecurity products, solutions, and services, all backed by our state-of-the-art Cognitive Security Operations Center (CSOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC). Visitors will learn about our proactive approach to threat detection, prevention, incident response & forensics.

Sunil concludes, “During GITEX 2023, our goal is to provide attendees with insights into how our holistic approach to digital transformation will empower businesses to succeed in the ever-evolving digital world.” 

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