Axis Communications wraps up at Expo 2020

Axis Communications

Axis Communications presented its sixth and final high-impact technology conference about cybersecurity trends, risks, and best practices.

Under the theme ‘Share in the discovery of cybersecurity’, the event highlighted the perpetual threat of cyber-attacks and the importance of having a strong foundation to detect, deter and mitigate these threats to safeguard organisations and ensure business continuity.

Various security experts came together to discuss the impact cybercrime has on security systems, the lifecycle management of security and surveillance products, and the best practices organisations should follow to ensure their security infrastructure is always protected. 

“In a rapidly connected world, increasing cyberattacks is a constant threat. Effective and comprehensive cybersecurity has therefore become a non-negotiable aspect for businesses of all sizes across industries. By assessing the risks and consequences, having an effective strategy in place to deter attacks while planning the way forward, organisations can secure and safeguard their business from imminent losses. Our concluding conversation at the Expo 2020 highlighted one of the most important conversations any organisation can have today, that’s on how they can better ensure safety from cyber-attacks”, said Ettiene van der Watt, Regional Director – Middle East & Africa at Axis.

Over the past six months, Dubai’s Expo 2020 has showcased some of the best ideas, experiences, and innovations the world has to offer, and Axis has actively contributed with events focused on everything from smart cities to artificial intelligence.

“Looking back, the World Expo 2020 has been a phenomenal experience and a resounding success,” commented Ettiene van der Watt, Regional Director – Middle East & Africa at Axis. “The last six months have allowed us to connect with and learn from individuals and organisations from all over the world. The Sweden Pavilion has been a great platform for us to host six impactful technology conferences and share our insights with participants at the expo or those watching online”, concluded van der Watt.

The first conference explored how Axis is helping cities worldwide become safer, smarter, and more sustainable with innovative cameras, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, and surveillance analytics. The intelligent security solutions manufacturer showcased how it is empowering governments and businesses to understand, manage, and enhance three key areas of urban life: public safety, urban mobility, and environmental monitoring.

The second conference delivered insights from industry experts to highlight the various challenges and opportunities that come with using artificial intelligence (AI) in security. The conference put into perspective how AI is providing unparalleled insights and capabilities that were never possible before. It also touched on the power of surveillance analytics to enable a smarter future for businesses, the environment, and overall urban life.

Axis’s third conference followed with an in-depth look at the importance of sustainable business practices for the environment and society. Industry experts discussed the role of technology in realising a sustainable future.

The fourth conference explored the powerful benefits of successful business partnerships and how Axis’s partner network offers a robust ecosystem where industry leaders are collaborating to produce comprehensive and supported security solutions.

The fifth conference was centred around the rapid development of 5G, the transformative opportunities the technology presents, and how the company and its partners and clients are paving the way for 5G-powered solutions.

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