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AVEVA’s CEO Caspar Herzberg and Chief Product Officer Rob McGreevy reveal connected roadmap for more sustainable industries of the future

Caspar Herzberg

Annual flagship software conference unveils Industrial Intelligence-as-a-Service (IIaaS) as next step in enterprises’ digital transformation to more than 2,000 delegates in situ and 1,000 expected to dial-in online

AVEVA AVEVA World 2023, the global showcase of its solutions and vision for how digitally connected communities can accelerate efficiency, agility, and sustainability by building connected information ecosystems.

More than 2,000 industry executives and experts will explore more than 12 industry tracks, keynotes, and an immersive expo. With the theme “Connect your world”, they will enjoy the opportunity to see AVEVA’s latest industrial cloud innovations, see and touch the industrial digital twin and test out sector-expert AI.

“AVEVA Connect is the digital experience delivering access to everything our customers and partners need to design, build, operate and optimize better with industrial intelligence-as-a-service.”

Caspar Herzberg, CEO of AVEVA

In their keynote addresses, CEO Caspar Herzberg and Chief Commercial Officer Sue Quense will show how industry leaders are harnessing the power of digital insight to master the connected industrial economy. They will highlight the role of AVEVA’s Industrial Intelligence-as-a-Service (IIaaS) in democratizing information that empowers teams to drive the next wave of sustainable industrial growth.

Caspar Herzberg, CEO of AVEVA, said: “AVEVA Connect is the digital experience delivering access to everything our customers and partners need to design, build, operate and optimize better with industrial intelligence-as-a-service. Now you can uncover new opportunities, create a living digital twin, from a single asset to the entire value chain across all major industries. The clear benefit is that it boosts collaboration across teams and organizations, so that you can discover new opportunities and make sustainability a competitive advantage.

“By taking this approach, industry leaders are already unlocking 10% higher profitability, 3X return on investment and up to 20% higher sustainability performance. Yet the true benefits go beyond the numbers: connected digital insight enables you to turn volatility into commercial opportunity by transforming industrial production into digital insights, so you can boost efficiency, resilience, and sustainable impact, and realize your boldest aspirations.”

Industrial intelligence is transforming how industries can operate

Chief Product Officer Rob McGreevy and EVP Portfolio Kim Custeau will share how AVEVA continues to strengthen integration within its product suite, extending customers’ investments in AVEVA Unified Engineering, AVEVA Operations Control, and AVEVA PI System, and making two landmark announcements.

  • AVEVA PI Data Infrastructureisa fully-integrated, hybrid cloud solution that enables industries to turn physical assets into agile digital insights, collaborating on shared data that they can access live whether they are in the head office, in the plant or operating deep in the field. This comprehensive, single-subscription solution provides customers with flexible scalability, centralized information management, and secure, collaborative intelligence sharing. The software solution includes access to cloud services from AVEVA Connect, including AVEVA Data Hub and AVEVA Connect visualization.
  • AVEVA Advanced Analytics is a no-code Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that enables teams to optimize production efficiency and share data securely by leveraging immediately actionable insights from a single digital source of information. Customer applications for AVEVA Advanced Analytics span a wide range of industries, from consumer products to food and beverage, packaging, building materials and hybrid manufacturing, as well as water and wastewater.

Ecosystem partnerships deliver deeper insights

McGreevy and Custeau will also demonstrate how AVEVA is expanding and deepening its partner ecosystem, providing extended capabilities to customers worldwide via AVEVA Connect. An important step in this vision is the announcement that AVEVA and Microsoft have extended their long-standing strategic partnership; AVEVA Connect and the Microsoft Fabric data analytics solution will now be interoperable to streamline the process of collecting, transforming, and organizing data from various sources.

This close collaboration provides unrivalled insight into information that spans the manufacturing value chain, enabling companies to reduce waste, conserve energy, and improve overall efficiency and sustainability. Empowering business users with a comprehensive view of IT and OT information insights, AVEVA’s and Microsoft’s combined offerings will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to accelerate value for joint customers to make faster data-driven decisions.

These innovations build on the capabilities of AVEVA Data Hub, the cloud-native data management solution within AVEVA Connect, that is empowering organizations to aggregate, share, and analyse data with context across their connected ecosystems.

With AVEVA Data Hub, a composite organization comprised of interviewees that have invested in AVEVA’s solutions saw over three years  an improvement in operational efficiency of 1-2%, resulting in cost savings of $405k, and an ROI of 466% with payback in less than six months, according to a recent commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester on behalf of AVEVA.

Rob McGreevy, Chief Product Officer, commented: “AVEVA’s Data Hub is one of the most powerful tools available to industries to accelerate value and drive efficiency. The solution represents the starting point in our vision for the connected industries of the future, providing the data that combines with models and the experience to create a digital twin. We are excited to see the positive response from customers live in the expo and in sessions here in San Francisco.”

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